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  • Ho Chi Minh

Hon Tam Island is one of many islands nearby the main town of Nha Trang but is unique in that it has no residential inhabitants - only the Mon Perle Group of resorts and facilities.

The opportunity for a 5 Star resort and Hotel on Hon Tam is to develop a quality destination resort that has fully integrated facilities with the additional option of making use of the island's other facilities and its wonderful natural landscapes. The challenges is to retain the natural character and special spirit of the location whilst providing first class facilities and structures that can be efficiently operated to enhance the visitor experience.

The Group
Studios: Vietnam
Key Facts:
  • 270 Rooms
  • 7 levels
  • Boat Arrival

Our proposal becomes a feature of the island rather than imposes itself. In plan the form is drawn from the wings of the dragonfly whilst an existing watercourse, we propose diverting, becomes the torso, leading the guest through and towards the beautiful new beach.

Approaching the building from a distance the second design generator is apparent – the rolling hills and mountains of Hon Tam Island and Nha Trang. Subtly stepped and rotated terracing see the buildings take on a more organic form reflecting the natural beauty of its surrounds and nestling into the site.

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