Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

Words by Lisa-Maree Carrigan

A Message of #inspiringinclusion within our practice, industry, and communities.

At GroupGSA we take immense pride in championing and supporting gender equality. We continue to work to promote equal opportunities, strive for gender balance within our studios, break down barriers within the architecture and design industry, and support women in our wider communities.

Supporting Tomorrow’s Women in Construction

GroupGSA has become a founding partner of the ‘Tomorrow’s Women in Construction initiative.

An industry project to raise awareness amongst 13-17-year-old girls who may be considering further education and/or a career in the design and construction industry (but don’t know where to start or what is available to them).

The interactive online database allows high school students to discover and be inspired by a diverse selection of women on different career paths.

We are delighted to have several women within our practice included in this database and highlighted as role models within the industry.

To find out more visit Tomorrow’s Women in Construction.

Giving back to communities

We are always looking for ways to provide meaningful change in our communities, whether that is through our project work or something else… In celebration of this year’s IWD we have decided to support the charity Two Good Co – by acknowledging the day in this way, we can meaningfully contribute to the lives of those who need it the most.

Two Good Co. is an organisation that provides nutritious meals and care packs for local women’s shelters. Donations help to fund their work employment pathway program, which has changed the course of so many lives.

By employing vulnerable women experiencing homelessness in their kitchens, those donated meals become a full circle movement; a message of love to women and children who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, made by women who are rebuilding their lives after the very same heartbreaks. These meals not only nurture the women in their time of need but also offer an opportunity to support the next chapter in their journey to financial independence.

Through this cycle, women rebuild their self-worth, their purpose, their community, and their independence.

To find out more about our charity of choice this IWD, please visit Take The Pledge | Two Good Co.

Closing the gap

You may have seen across the news and social media that the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has released its first official report detailing the gender pay gap between 2022-2023. This information was provided to the Agency based on companies with more than 100 employees and then benchmarked by industry.

We are immensely proud to report that GroupGSA is leading by example for large design practices recording a pay gap of only 5.6%, significantly lower than our industry average of approximately 20%.

Whilst we acknowledge there is still a little way to go within our business, this is a positive acknowledgment of our ongoing efforts to foster an inclusive environment that values and empowers individuals, regardless of gender.

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