Connection and Design with Country Panel Discussion

Words by Lisa-Maree Carrigan

For Indigenous people, Country is identity. Country is connection. Country is life.

Here our Panel discuss how as designers and industry professionals, how we can meaningfully and authentically engage with Country to create spaces that embrace the unique character of the landscape, the culture and shared histories of the Traditional Owners and Custodians of lands?

How we can build respectful relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, recognising them as the First Peoples of these lands, to better understand the value of Aboriginal knowledge in the design and planning of places?

When we design spaces, buildings and infrastructure that respect connection to indigenous lands, we protect the cultural heritage and bring richness to our work as we work together in achieving reconciliation.

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Lisa-Maree is Director of Architecture & Urban Design globally at GroupGSA. She leads engagement of teams and clients through design collaboration and strategic direction

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