Designing the new workplace – COVID 19 and a new future

Words by Liam Higginbotham
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Disruption Creates Ingenuity

A new normal

We find ourselves in unprecedented times and circumstances arising from the current global pandemic causing much tragedy and pain. Despite this, there arises many challenges likely to result in positive impacts on many aspects of our personal and working lives. We have learn to adapt to rapid change, to question and reflect on many aspects of our lives previously taken for granted.

As workplace specialists we have asked ourselves how can we gain perspective on the future of office environments able to respond to a new dynamic, with new challenges in spatial use and user expectations. Workplaces are more than places to work and this is more relevant now than in any other moment in time.

If nothing else, the unprecedented current environment has shown how fast change is possible when committed.

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Liam is a Principal and talented interior designer with experience in workplace, retail, aviation, education and hospitality.

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