Costco’s first New Zealand warehouse and fuel station.

Words by Roberto Gutierrez

After 13 years and 14 projects with global retailer Costco, GroupGSA are delighted to complete the design of their first New Zealand warehouse and fuel station, located in Westgate, Auckland.

After much anticipation from the local community, the multi-billion-dollar global retailer opened its doors to the public in September 2022, generating over 300 jobs for the region.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden was one of the first through the doors in an exclusive walk through the week prior. On opening day over 500 people were in attendance, with shoppers camping out to be among the first through the doors when they opened at 7am, with some even sleeping outside the store overnight.

The expansive 14,000m² warehouse, features a tyre centre, an adjoining 800 space car park and a 14-pump fuel station.

GroupGSA have been Costco’s Architect of choice in Australia since 2009, delivering a total of 12 Warehouses and 1 Distribution centre. As a long-term partner of Costco, we were engaged as lead designer to execute the project delivery of their first New Zealand warehouse, working in collaboration with local architects WMZA, builder Hadyn + Rollet and a wider consultant team.

A core element of our design ethos includes consideration to the natural environment. Costco was framed around 400m² of landscaping, including native trees, planted beds, seating, bike racks and wide pathways for easy pedestrian access. Not only did this improved the overall aesthetic of the site, it activated the public space around the building – captivating its playful frontage.

The articulated facade was wrapped in a metal cladding envelope incorporating three key colours; Titania, Sandstone Grey and Grey Friars, with a prominent red stripe, paying tribute to the Costco brand.

By incorporating height, colours, material types and visual elements such as a glazed entry, parapets, lighting and canopy lines –  the site engages the eye, optimising visual interest.

Internally, GroupGSA provided a detailed fit out and finishes plan, accommodating facilities for groceries, homewares, liquor, an optometrist, tyre centre and food court. We also oversaw the consultant team who were responsible for structural coordinate and local code and compliance.

Costco Westgate, Auckland is the 829th Costco store worldwide.

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