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Describe your career journey

I started at GroupGSA in 2020 as a work experience student one day a week. Over the past two and a half years I have developed a deep understanding of the business, our projects and the design process. In January 2023, I am now employed full time, and an essential member of the interior design team – most recently I have personally developed an extensive digital library. This is now used and highly valued by the whole team, increasing productivity for the business across a wide range of projects.


What do you enjoy most about working at GroupGSA?

The attitude, energy and support within my team. Whilst we are all juggling deadlines, no one is too busy to lend a hand or provide guidance on a project. We can balance hitting project deliverables, learning new skills, attending industry events and finding time to socialise together over a coffee or lunch.


Why are you passionate about Interior Design?

Interior design is best experienced when it works hand in hand with architecture – the creation of a building should blend naturally into its environment, whilst its interiors bring comfort and inspiration to its occupants. A bland office is a dated concept, but I enjoy the challenge of breathing life into spaces that previously lacked originality. My favourite thing about the design process is selecting elements which hero the client’s needs, be it furniture and finishes or built elements such as stunning staircases and unique planning.


Describe one project you are currently working on and what your responsibility is?

One great opportunities GroupGSA provides is the exposure to work across interstate projects in collaboration with our other studios. Despite being based in Sydney I am currently working on Link Property’s Melbourne office redevelopment. This project is part of an ongoing series of projects with this client, which reflects the trust that GSA has harbored, and which I am now responsible in upholding. I am the lead documenter and am assisting senior members of the team in managing construction issues and site challenges.

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Huon is a young and exciting face in GroupGSA’s interior design team. He has worked on a range of projects […]