Meet Leonor Gausachs – Graduate

Words by Meet Leonor Gausachs – Graduate

Describe your career journey

Having grown up in the driest place on Earth (other than the poles), I developed a fascination with water management. During my architecture studies at Monash University, I was offered an internship with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

Upon completing my masters, I founded LAGAU Design to explore other areas of interest. I delved into graphic design, photography, videography, industrial design and sculptural installation projects.

I returned to architecture for the opportunity to work with JDA Co on climate resilience; where I got to develop skills in laser scanning and GIS mapping.
The next step in my Architecture career is registration. I’m currently working with Group GSA towards scaling up and broadening my experience.

What do you enjoy most about working at GroupGSA?

I most enjoy the amount of creative agency I’ve been given by GroupGSA. I really appreciate the support to develop my rendering skills (Lumion) and the trust to let my imagination run wild visualising the potential of a new project.


Why are you passionate about Architecture

I’m passionate about architecture because it plays a role in how humans inhabit this planet. I believe it is critical for the construction industry to reconsider our use of resources and the impact urban fabric has on all life on Earth. Architecture is a tool to drive this change with urgency.


Describe one project you are currently working on and what your responsibility is?

I’m currently working on two new school masterplan concepts. My involvement has varied between designing, creating visualisations, Revit modelling, documentation and collating presentation material.

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