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Words by Parasdeep Singh

Describe your career journey

I started my Architecture studies in India. During my Bachelor course, I interned in Calabria, Italy working on a restoration project for Convento di San Domenico. I moved to Sydney to do a Master of Architecture at UTS and after graduating started my professional career at GroupGSA in March 2022.


What do you enjoy most about working at GroupGSA?

The positive environment created by all the hardworking and supportive people is the best thing about GroupGSA. Everyone from my fellow Graduates to the Principals and Directors are approachable. I’m given real responsibility and ownership over projects which gives me a sense of satisfaction.


Why are you passionate about Architecture?

Architecture has a profound impact in shaping the world. In addition to delivering a beautiful building, architects must consider how the building responds to its environment. As cities and populations increase, and our climate is worsening – it is our responsibility to design for the future, by considering everything from energy savings, affordability, and equitable design. The benefits of well-considered architecture are felt both directly and indirectly by those who inhabit the space and future generations to come.


Describe one project you are currently working on and what your responsibility is?

I’m currently working on the Rosebery Engine Yards project. It’s a repurposing and restoration project that uses an old industrial building in Rosebery to create a multi-use space suitable for commercial, F & B and retail, while retaining it’s industrial and utilitarian ambience. I am responsible for delivering construction documentation to meet the Contruction deadline later this year.

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Paras is a Graduate who participates in design discussions and project delivery across a range of projects. He won gold […]