Melrose Park Milestone for Sekisui Master Planned Community

Words by Alister Eden
Melrose Park designs with SekiSui House

A remarkable project in Melrose Park

With our valued client, Sekisui House, we are thrilled to meet this significant milestone for their flagship master planned community at Melrose Park, Parramatta.

This development application marks the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable project. It is the first stage of development in the revitalised master plan at Melrose Park, with an estimated value of more than $320 million.

Core to the design is the emphasis on high amenity living and green outlooks with 368 apartments spread across 6 buildings.  The collaboration with Landscape Architect, Aspect Studios, will ensure the natural surroundings are seamlessly integrated into the design to provide residents with a serene and inviting environment.

The focus on promoting a family-oriented lifestyle is evident in the diversity of product offerings.  There are larger family apartments located on the ground floor to provide direct access to parklands, and expansive terrace balconies on upper floors offering ample space for outdoor activities and entertainment.

The inclusion of communal outdoor spaces on the rooftops will enhance the sense of community within the development and cater to individual relaxation and larger gatherings.

We are very proud of the GroupGSA Living Environments team’s wonderful achievement and their dedication and expertise in bringing this project to fruition.  The GroupGSA team was led by Alister Eden, Principal, assisted by Michelle Ramjan, Project Architect with assistance from Luis Tisocco, Kaitlyn Sun, Vy Tran, Cloris Wang, and Mauricio Fuentes.  Their contribution has played a significant role in this milestone achievement.

This development promises to be an exceptional addition to Melrose Park, providing residents with a harmonious blend of nature, community, and contemporary living.

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