Our Brand Values

At GroupGSA we are one team empowering each other by fostering a collaborative work culture. We encourage diverse thinking and are committed to turning ideas into exceptional solutions for our clients. We are proud to share the values we work to:

All In: We work together as one, working effectively within and across teams at a high performance to deliver successful outcomes for ourselves, our clients, and our planet.

Cultivating Curiosity: We actively encourage diverse thinking by questioning the norm. Together, we nourish development and growth through curiosity.

Be Extraordinary: We are committed to turning ideas into extraordinary solutions with passion and care. Our contributions are personal, unique, and curated to deliver creativity and high value.

Group Empowerment: We draw upon the collective voice believing it sparks synergy and inspiration. As a group of open bright minds, we encourage continued learning and pride ourselves on being accessible and respectful.


GroupGSA is an award-winning, integrated design practice offering Urban design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design.


The real strength of a group comes from its focus on people, their unique experiences, skill-sets, and how they unite.


GroupGSA has three studios in Australia, located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.