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The idea of being ‘connected’ drove the design.

The expression (and culture statement) of making the ordinary extraordinary was realised in the volume of the space via voids.

The Group
Client: 7 Eleven
Studios: Melbourne, Australia
Key Facts:
  • 7,200sqm
  • 6 Levels

Voids were punched into the floor-plates connecting floors through sight and sound, while the existing stair was enlarged and refurbished to improve vertical connectivity.

Enabling innovation was a key driver, and a human centred design approach was adopted. Collaborative areas with adaptable furniture and mobile whiteboards were planned to support user choice and control.

Furthermore, a variety of simple to use, flexible workspaces, as well as a test kitchen, cafe and a shop facilitate this theory in various zones across the floors.

An overlay of the brand story is present in 3D format via way-finding, value, culture and mission statements. Artist drawn columns create an imperfect personality within the space. These columns are chalk drawn and have an intentional short life span.

Designing for diversity was important and the result is a snapshot of a small community with its variety of spaces supporting focus, collaboration (formal and informal), individual and team work. The design goes further by including the other components of a community beyond the home i.e. the cafe and the shop.

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