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Adaptable environments boost productivity.

Cbus is an “empowered” organisation. GroupGSA undertook a strategic briefing process and opinions and information gathered from individual, group and survey interactions showed an appetite for change in their workplace.

The Group
Client: CBUS
Studios: Melbourne, Australia
Key Facts:
  • 9,200sqm
  • 5 Levels

Being simple to use (“talking plain English”), flexible, adaptable, not ostentatious, responsible and connected to the members were key project objectives in the briefing sessions. Provision of “smart” meeting spaces (i.e. tech-enabled spaces) and more informal collaboration areas were important to the Cbus project team.

During our focus groups the Cbus teams demonstrated a desire for an organic approach to planning and design. Connection to the member was raised in the Branding Focus Group as being important via “the flow / the walk” where history, models and values are illustrated and displayed. Vertical flow (i.e. stair) was also seen as an important connection to this idea.

Biophilia (being connected to the natural environment) was a focus in the Wellness Focus Group which saw the importance of the staff member and their well-being as being pivotal in the design. The idea of “the walk for wellness” was adopted in the design via a primary circulation route which measure 1km across the five floors.

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