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Fostering collaborative work environments through agile neighbourhoods

With the aim of enhancing their working environment, Custom Fleet enlisted Group GSA to expertly craft a modern-day office space that caters to their Sydney team's needs.

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Client: Custom Fleet
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The primary objective of this design was to foster a collaborative atmosphere through an open-plan layout, characterised by agile neighbourhoods. A prominent feature included the integration of multiple focus rooms designed to provide privacy and accommodate various work modes. Additionally, the project spaces were strategically incorporated to encourage collaboration.

The design team’s main objective was to create a collaborative atmosphere using an open-plan layout, highlighted by agile neighbourhoods. A key element here was the inclusion of multiple focus rooms for privacy and diverse work modes. The team also strategically integrated project spaces to boost collaboration.

The approach for this design was significantly shaped by the organisational culture of our client. Custom Fleet’s grounded nature and fondness for shared experiences greatly influenced the spatial layout.

Developed by the GSA team, the design concept for this space, was centred around a journey metaphor, “connecting through a journey,” mirroring the path from start to finish. This idea was artfully integrated into the layout, strategically positioning project spaces and focus rooms along a route, that ultimately leads to a spacious breakout area

breakout area at Custom Fleet

Drawing inspiration from the notion of travel and passage, the design strategy embraces the concept of movement and transition from one place to another.

Clear pathways were strategically integrated to encourage fluid movement and cross-pollination between staff members, fostering a sense of collaboration and unity. Along these pathways, we placed collaboration zones to further enhance connections between teams, promoting open communication and idea sharing.

The design concept takes inspiration from the winding landscapes of Australia, drawing parallels to the meandering journeys that people undertake throughout their lives. The interplay of dark tar roads and the vibrant hues of red earth serve as a natural contrast, adding depth and character to the workplace environment. The look and feel of the interior exude a bold and sleek aesthetic, with industrial details that reinforce the notion of progress and innovation.

Custom Fleet’s initiative to improve their workspace showcases their commitment to efficient operations, teamwork, and sustainability. This project seamlessly integrates these values through innovative design and practical functionality.

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