Melrose Park Stage 5 (Lot F)

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lot F sekisui melrose park

Sekisui House engaged us to provide proposals for multiple sites within the master plan.

29 Hughes Avenue is an apartment development comprised of 368 dwellings. The site is part of the Melrose Park North Precinct, to the East of the Parramatta CBD. It is located on ex-industrial land and is situated between Parramatta Road and the Parramatta River. Schemes are also being developed for Lot A and Lot K.

The Group
Client: Sekisui House
Studios: Sydney, Australia
Key Facts:
  • 6 Buildings. 10 Storey x 2, 8 Storey x 2, 6 Storey x 2
  • 368 Apartments, 252 Two Bedroom, 86 One Bedroom, 30 Three Bedroom
The Team:
lot F sekisui melrose park

The project is part of a more comprehensive Masterplan Strategy and is subject to controls outlined in the Melrose Park North DCP. (2024). The subject site within the Masterplan (Lot F) resides within the Parklands Area, with the proposed Western Parklands & Central Park flanking the East & West Boundaries.

The design’s main organisational principles stem from the desire to align with essential DCP items to ensure continuity across the master plan. A pedestrian link bisects the massing, with generous internal courtyards on either side for resident amenities.

The planning considered solar access, cross ventilation, resident outlook, indoor and outdoor spaces, visual and acoustic privacy, and efficient planning designed to cater to anticipated buyer needs. The site’s strengths were enhanced with external breezeways for appreciation and connection to courtyard elements.

Each building’s facades take a subtle tripartite approach visually, organising the massing into three sections:

  1. a masonry base between ground and level one
  2. textured concrete between levels 2 and 6, and
  3. an upper level consisting of metal cladding and feature framing.


The Landscape Design by ASPECT Studios has been developed to contribute to the suburb’s proposed streetscape. Deep soil and significant planting along building edges will be used. A pedestrian link was also used to create a gesture for inclusion within the public domain.

The project utilises several sustainability principles including:

  • Maximising solar access
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • OSD rainwater collection
  • Green rooftops
  • Internal courtyards, and
  • Minimizing excavation to respect the natural terrain.

>> See more at the Sekisui House, Melrose Park Village website.

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