Emasi School Quy Nhon

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rendered image of open seating space at Emasi School

Inspiring Well-Rounded Students Through Innovative Architecture and Landscape Design

GSA believes in a holistic approach to education. We consider academic development alongside social and physical development to nurture well- rounded students who are confident in all aspects of life and ready to embrace their role in the world.

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Client: Khai Sang
Studios: Vietnam
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The architectural design chosen for the buildings adopts a contemporary approach, aligning with the specific usage requirements and highlighting each teaching area within the campus.

The landscape design plays a pivotal role in establing a connection to nature, identifying various moods and settings, and enhancing the overall environment in and around the school buildings.

rendered image of aerial view from the top of Emasi School plot

The creation of pathways and connections within the landscape contributes to softening the environment, fostering shared experiences and infusing vitality into outdoor, semi-outdoor, and adjacent interior spaces.

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Thien Duong General Director

Thien is a Principal and General Director leading our Vietnam studio. Thien is one of the few internationally Chartered Architects in Vietnam today. He has extensive experience working on large-scale projects worldwide, including the UK, Norway, Canada, Bermuda, Africa, Dubai, and Australia. In Vietnam, he is registered as a Class 1 Architect and master planner and sits on the Vietnam Green Building Council Board of Directors.