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rendered image of open space lounge area of the Marriott and Centara

An award-winning design with luxury features

The Marriott Courtyard Hotel and Centara Residences project, located in the vibrant city of Quy Nhon, Vietnam, is a prestigious development by Phat Dat. This mixed-use project combines the elegance of residential living with the luxury of hotels and resorts, offering a unique and upscale living experience. The project team, consisting of experienced architects and landscape designers, is committed to creating a captivating and sustainable living environment. With a focus on landscape and architecture, this project aims to rejuvenate the city and attract tourism and leisure activities. With its completion date yet to be announced, the Marriott Courtyard Hotel and Centara Residences project promises to elevate Quy Nhon's living spaces to new heights.

The Group
Client: Phat Dat / AKYN
Studios: Ho Chi Minh City
The Team:

Both towers draw inspiration from the captivating interplay of sunlight on water, they exhibit distinct yet complementary designs. This deliberate contrast serves to provide branding opportunities tailored to various interior uses, as well as accommodating two distinct operators—Centara and Marriott.

The outcome manifests as a cohesive complex of structures situated at a pivotal intersection. These edifices establish robust links to both the cityscape and the ocean, while boasting world-class amenities at ground level, seamlessly integrated within a shared landscaped environment.

rendered image of full exterior of the Marriott and Centara

In homage to the captivating oceanic waves gracing the site, our vision for this exceptional Quy Nhon hotel materializes as an iconic structure, comprised of two independent towers meticulously attuned to the site’s contours, vistas, and functional requisites.

The façade language draws inspiration from the harmonious interplay of straight lines and graceful curves, evoking a sense of boundlessness—an interpretation of infinity. Embedded within Vietnamese culture, the symbolism of waves encompasses strength, motherhood, the wellspring of life, and the promise of a prosperous future.

These twin towers operate autonomously: one housing a hotel and the other a condotel. The Condotel podium hosts an array of shops, while the Hotel Podium accommodates a ballroom, meeting spaces, restaurants, and a swimming pool—each purpose distinct yet harmoniously coexisting.

full exterior of Marriot Hotel and Centara

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