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parramatta police station

State-of-the-art design and facilities for the new Parramatta Police Station

Parramatta NSW Police Force (NSW Police) engaged us to design the new police station at 95 Marsden Street. This station replaced the existing facility and enhanced service offerings to the local area. As of June 2024, it has reached practical completion. As a highly anticipated project, it has realised the opportunity to create a benchmark facility to service the increasing population, enhance resources for NSW Police and improve the community's experience in all the ways required of such a public service.

The Group
Client: Police Property Group, NSW Police
Studios: Sydney, Australia
The Team:

NSW Police Force engaged our architectural team from DA to Construction Completion. Our brief was to design a station to support modern policing and, equally as necessary, the health and well-being of its staff and the community. Our design is futureproofed for evolving operations within a highly populated urban environment. It also relates to Parramatta’s distinct architecture and respects the surrounding heritage buildings. The new civic facility responds to the urban context of Parramatta CBD and the future vision of the CBD within the Parramatta Justice Precinct while considering connection to country, service to the community, heritage, sustainability, operational obligations and performance.

The new police station will house approximately 200 staff members, including police officers, traffic and highway patrol staff, prosecutors, and the youth command.

We designed the building across two storeys to:

  • provide operational improvements for NSWPF
  • improve the experience of community members
  • relate to the existing built form along Marsden Street and Philip Street.

We managed a delicate balance between rethinking police workplace design and police building guidelines. The outcome promotes collaboration and efficiency in a well-protected and high-functioning facility where function, sustainability, security, and community support are paramount.

The primary pedestrian access point is at the intersection of Marsden and Phillip Street, which creates an open and approachable entryway, engages with the public, and provides visibility and civic presence.

A private central courtyard has been incorporated into the development, providing visual relief and natural light into the core of the building for police use.

The project supports passive and active sustainability initiatives that result in a considered environmentally responsive building, including:

  • Compliance with the Building Code of Australia Section J energy efficiency requirements
  • Provision of external shading devices for all sun-affected windows
  • Solar Hot water system
  • Water collection
  • Selection of endemic low-maintenance landscape species.


We recognise the potential of exceptionally designed justice, law enforcement, and community facilities to better the lives of those working in and accessing these civic services.

parramatta police station

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