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A new Visitor Information Kiosk for Brisbane's much-loved heritage park

As part of Brisbane City Council's Masterplan for the gardens, Multiplex and Group GSA were engaged to design and deliver the new kiosk.

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Client: Brisbane City Council and Multiplex
Studios: Brisbane, Australia
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brisbane botanic gardens kiosk

The Visitor Information Kiosk is an accessible, high-profile touch point for learning and exploration.  It enjoys commanding views across the gardens and acts as a hub to direct visitors to activities and points of interest around the gardens.

The character of the Kiosk is ‘of its time’ and does not attempt to replicate any former character or style of structures within the gardens.

It will be identified in years to come as representative of the present day, reflective of its place in the City Botanic Gardens.

The Kiosk is run by the Council’s volunteer guides who continue to provide a much-loved service for visitors to these beautiful and historic gardens.

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