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AIR 9000 Phase 7- Helicopter Aircrew Training Systems (HATS) is a high priority, joint service, project that creates a new Joint Helicopter School to provide initial helicopter training for all Navy and Army aircrew.

The Joint Helicopter School is located at HMAS Albatross in Nowra, NSW, and Jervis Bay Airfield, ACT. The JHS includes rotary wing Hangar Facilities for 15 aircraft (6 hangars in varying arrangements), Aircraft maintenance and workshop areas, ALSE storage and maintenance areas, GSE storage and maintenance areas, Flightline facilities, Four full flight simulators, Synthetic training areas (virtual reality trainers, desktop trainers and aircraft replica trainers), Classrooms, Auditoriums and Briefing facilities. The project will also 96 sole occupancy Living in Accommodation units at HMAS Albatross and aircraft support facilities at Jervis Bay Airfield.

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One of the key successes of the project involved the innovative master planning and design of the JHS facilities that enabled early occupation by the Capability Provider to install critical Simulator equipment, allowing the Commonwealth to meet contractual commitments for the commencement of student training. This solution was able to be staged and implemented without any capability loss to the Base.

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