Heinemann Gold Coast Domestic Terminal Store

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Creating an immersive and engaging shopping experience for travelers.

This is the third store we have successfully delivered for Heinemann. Design highlights include creating a vibrant and contemporary retail environment that seamlessly integrates Heinemann's brand identity with the unique ambience of the airport.

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Client: Queensland Airports
Studios: Brisbane, Australia
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Heinemann Gold Coast Domestic Terminal Store

Attention was given to creating intuitive store layouts, eye-catching displays, and experiential zones to captivate customers and encourage exploration.

One key design feature incorporates digital signage and interactive displays to showcase products and promotions to enhance the overall shopping experience. We also use flexible, modular fixtures allowing for easy reconfiguration of the retail space to accommodate changing inventory and seasonal trends, ensuring optimal merchandising flexibility.

The challenges we resolved during the project included optimising spatial layouts within the constraints of the airport’s footprint while adhering to stringent security and regulatory requirements.  Our close collaboration with airport authorities and stakeholders was essential to navigate these challenges and ensure seamless integration of the retail space within the terminal environment.

Another challenge was to coordinate construction activities within a live airport environment.  This required careful planning to minimise disruptions to ongoing operations and ensure the safety of passengers and staff.  We effectively prevented potential conflicts by establishing project management and communication protocols to ensure construction milestones were achieved without impacting airport services.

Our retail design for Heinemann at Gold Coast Domestic Airport creates an immersive and engaging shopping experience for travelers.  The retail design project for Heinemann at Gold Coast Airport successfully delivered a captivating and functional retail space that enhances the overall passenger experience. Despite challenges, the project’s success underscores the collaborative effort and innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve the client’s objectives of creating a world-class shopping destination within the airport terminal.

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