Heinemann Gold Coast International Duty Free

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Heinemann Gold Coast International Duty Free

Queensland Airports appointed us for design services for Gold Coast Airport's new Heinemann Duty Free stores.

The arrival and departure stores are designed to reflect Heinneman’s brand style and aesthetic. By closely collaborating with the client, prioritising the customer experience, and integrating the overall design of the Gold Coast Airport, our team successfully and cohesively delivered the two stores.

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Client: Queensland Airports
Studios: Brisbane, Australia
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Heinemann Gold Coast International Duty Free

The Heinemann Duty Free stores adhere to the strict Airport Authority guidelines, ensuring a safe and considered approach to the layout and design of the space.

The space for Heinemann Gold Coast International Duty Free has been thoughtfully designed to maximise customer’s visibility and accessibility. The store design focuses on creating pockets of room for customers to move around, while also allowing for a large intake of stock. Clear graphics, lighting and wayfinding throughout the store have been strategically placed to enhance the customer experience, reflecting the client’s intentions for the space.

The store’s design also features a high-end aesthetic to reflects the products’ luxury.  We achieved this through modern materials such as glass and stainless steel and using touches of laminated wood, emanating the local heritage of the land and connection to the country.

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