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Improved transport choices, better amenity and a balanced growth of housing and employment.

Parramatta Road is significant for its role in shaping Sydney’s suburban and industrial development towards the west. From its earliest incarnation, it served the industrial districts of Sydney, providing an important transport link for industry workers. The future vision is to evolve and transform its role in the future of Sydney. Working with City of Canada Bay, we developed master plans for three precincts that will become better places to live and work, while preserving the things people love about Canada Bay.

The Group
Client: City of Canada Bay Council
Studios: Sydney, Australia
Key Facts:
  • Built from response to the State Government’s Parramatta Road Corridor Strategy
  • Burwood Precinct, Homebush North and Kings Bay
  • Three new residential and mixed use master plans for rezoning
  • Approx. 3,500 new apartments
The Team:

The corridor of the future will offer residents more efficient and reliable public transport, and walkable neighbourhoods. Kings Bay, Burwood and Homebush North have the potential to contribute to the transformation of a piece of city shaping infrastructure. They support the goals and aspirations of global Sydney, while maintaining their local identity. We approached each precinct by looking at the distinctive character elements of each place and how to achieve the best urban design outcomes for its future.

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Jenna is a Principal in the Sydney Studio. She is a passionate, innovative and talented urban designer with approximately 12 years’ industry experience.

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