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The connection to the waterfront anchors the community to the new town centre and parklands, creating a vibrant living, working and active environment which is focussed on access to the outdoors.

It has been a core objective for the project that the Shell Cove Waterfront Precinct not only becomes a drawcard and destination for the district, but that it provides an integrated centre and social hub for local community and new residents. In order to achieve this, we ensured that the public domain creates a diverse and layered foundation to the town centre. Working from the master plan stages through to documentation and delivery, we explored ways to bring the sense of place as a waterfront urban village throughout the precinct.

The Group
Client: Frasers Property Australia and Shellharbour City Council
Studios: Sydney, Australia
Key Facts:
  • Precinct Area: 65 ha
  • Foreshore Parklands: 3.6 ha
  • Foreshore walkway: 2.5km
The Team:

The Shell Cove Waterfront Precinct encompasses the entire boat harbour and connects the town centre to surrounding beaches, the breakwater and the harbour entry.  The public domain provides the forum for everyday life as well as the opportunities for social gatherings and public celebrations.  In Shell Cove, the public domain brings together the town centre, promenade and boardwalks, jetties, waterfront parklands and nearby beaches. All these places provide diverse ways to access and connect to the water edge.

The vibrant Town Centre includes a supermarket, markets and cafés as well as a community centre and library, with outdoor spaces for gathering, relaxing, exercise and play.  The outcome for the project is the creation of a unique place which celebrates urban living on the Australian coast.

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Steven has over 15 years’ experience in landscape architecture with a project focus on the public domain that ranges from strategic to detailed design, documentation and realisation.

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