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Spaces shaped through trails: Creating hybrid workplace environments in a post-pandemic world.

GroupGSA was engaged by Property NSW to design and deliver a new working hub for Western Parklands City Authority (WPCA). The brief required a new workplace over two levels which provided access to shared facilities, meeting spaces, social settings, and importantly a working environment conducive to enhancing services to the wider Western Sydney community.

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Located at 50 Belmore Street in the heart of Penrith, the workplace spans 2,000m2 across the Ground Floor and Level 7 of the new development delivered by Sandran Property & Podia Development.

GroupGSA Interior Design Team were tasked to re-position the NSW Government Agency as a vibrant working environment, showcasing their significant investment and contribution to the economic and cultural growth of Penrith.

On the ground floor, the community services and Government co-working centre prioritises large multipurpose ‘town hall’ flexible spaces supported by meeting rooms, flexible touch-down points, and a central arrival information center – allowing visitors to be welcomed and supported.

Level 7 is dedicated to WPCA staff, providing an array of working environments and meeting rooms, a large internal atrium and private outdoor terrace.

Our concept was driven by the notion of trails connecting people and place. This concept heavily influenced our spatial planning, emphasising the fluidity of how individuals connect and navigate within the workspace. These ‘trails’ represent the core driver of our design, where pathways lead to spaces that seamlessly blend individuals and teams, fostering a flexible and social environment that encourages community growth and collaboration.

Within the framework of our design, we have incorporated a diverse array of workspaces, meeting rooms of varying sizes, and numerous 1 and 2 person focus rooms. In consideration of the work style exhibited by the WPCA team, which thrives on project-based work and collaborative initiatives, GroupGSA introduced specialised project spaces.

These project spaces are of two distinct types. The first features adaptable furniture and curtains, providing a versatile environment that can seamlessly transition from an open, collaborative setting to a more structured workshop mode with powered, flippable tables.

The second type consists of enclosed rooms with sliding doors equipped with workstations and compact collaboration tables, offering a dedicated space for more extended project engagements that can be reserved as required.

This innovative approach not only cultivates a culture of collaboration but also effectively integrates the central circulation path around the atrium with the broader workspace. It fosters a sense of adaptability and innovation throughout the office environment.

The colour palette was influenced by the scenic local surroundings, including views of the Blue Mountains and Sydney – embracing warm tones with timber and upholstery. This was further enhanced by subtle references to tonal sandstone and Eucalyptus green, paying homage to the nearby Blue Mountains.

The fixtures and furniture also give the space a bright and light feel bringing it into the heart of Penrith, creating a destination for WPCA to connect to the wider, ever-growing urban community of Western Sydney.


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