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The BIW-BSIP Project was conceived out of a security risk identified against an Australian Defence Base in August 2009.

These events prompted Defence to review protective security arrangements across all Defence sites. The project was established to implement the recommendations of this review of Defence Protective Security arrangements. This project is intended to improve the physical security at those Defence sites that were deemed to be most at risk. It is proposed in time that other Defence facilities may also have works undertaken as part of further BIW-BSIP works.

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Studios: Sydney, Australia
Key Facts:
  • seven (7) new base access control points to increase security
  • six (6) new guard houses,
  • two (2) guard house upgrades
  • four (4) new pass offices
  • seven (7) mess security upgrades
  • eleven (11) buildings upgraded to increase security
  • one (1) AFP station
  • Dangerous good store and area of outdoor training equipment

The project was delivered simultaneously across 16 priority sites in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. The security risk treatments are largely focussed on providing enhanced; access control, Base-wide alert functionality, improved visitor and personnel management, monitoring and surveillance, improved perimeter security and vehicle control.

The design team was responsible for the developmental design solutions for each site to achieve the required security effect based on previously completed risk assessments. To achieve value for money for the Commonwealth, design solutions were developed utilising standardised buildings with kits of parts that could be modified to suit the particular context and security for each Base installation.

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