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rendered image of full exterior of Hotel Geleximco

Wings of a Butterfly: GSA Vietnam delivers unique Hotel proposal for Geleximco Co.

Inspired by a butterfly as it is attracted to the beautiful nature surrounding the lake, our proposal for this unique hotel in Hanoi is expressed as a landmark building consisting of two wings that respond to the site, the views, and the function of the building. The axis that forms the connecting walkway from Geleximco’s residential projects is reinforced with two towers on either side interlinked at an upper level so that the building may operate as one.

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Client: GELEXIMCO Corporation
Studios: Vietnam
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The ground floor features a void that maintains views from the existing plaza to the lake and draws people into the landscape and the hotel complex. To the right of the entry is the hotel lobby, and to the left is the condotel lobby, allowing the functions to be run either separately or together and giving each a unique identity. At the upper levels, the link element holds a feature swimming pool nestled between the two towers with exceptional lake views, maintaining privacy for guests.

rendered image of full exterior of Hotel Geleximco

Construction is simple, and spans are minimized where possible; the ballroom itself sits in a void space so that structure does not have to carry the tower above; instead, over the ballroom and restaurants are private landscapes for guest and resident amenities. The overall effect is a strikingly sculptural building that maintains views, separates functions, celebrates the landscape, and responds to the soft curves of the lake edge.

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Thien Duong General Director

Thien is a Principal and General Director leading our Vietnam studio. Thien is one of the few internationally Chartered Architects in Vietnam today. He has extensive experience working on large-scale projects worldwide, including the UK, Norway, Canada, Bermuda, Africa, Dubai, and Australia. In Vietnam, he is registered as a Class 1 Architect and master planner and sits on the Vietnam Green Building Council Board of Directors.