Cities and Places


We design community shaping projects which elevate cities into places people want to live, work and play in.

GroupGSA partners with state and local government, policymakers and private developers to deliver city shaping precincts, architecture and public spaces, through our combined skills in urban design, landscape architecture and architecture.  These projects have an impact at a city scale creating legacy and lasting community value.

Our team is experienced in master planning through to delivery of brownfield and greenfield sites, CBD visioning, strategy, development and feasibility planning. Our amassing portfolio spans urban renewal projects, CBD redevelopments, master planned communities and public realms. This includes parklands and plazas, precincts and town centres, skateparks, sportsfields and playgrounds.

Our clients benefit from a diverse pool of experts with a shared vision and passion for creating vibrant, meaningful destinations that are contextual to their people, place and culture, and will stand the test of time.

GroupGSA has completed major projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and various locations in regional Australia.


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Wylde Mountain Bike and BMX Track

Welcome to Sydney’s biggest back yard!

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Nita McCrae Park

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Melbourne

Maude Street Redevelopment

GroupGSA Shell cove
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Shell Cove Town Centre & Waterfront

A vibrant living, working and active environment.

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Sydney Skate Park

Blurring the lines between the passive and the extreme at Sydney Park.

  • Urban Design
  • Sydney

Parramatta Road Corridor

Improved transport choices, better amenity and a balanced growth of housing and employment.

  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Glenfield Precinct

South West Sydney’s premier regional sporting and education destination.

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Plough & Harrow Playground

The essence of play is to encourage exploration, testing and discovery.

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Abercrombie Street Upgrade

Creating a village in the heart of a city starts with knowing a neighbourhood.

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sydney

Wylde Mountain Bike Park

Explorers come in all sizes.

  • Urban Design
  • Ho Chi Minh

Vinh Hoi

Sharing a Landscape sustainably.


  • Director

John Holland

John is a Director of GroupGSA and responsible for overseeing the management, design and delivery of GSA’s Landscape Architecture business.

  • Principal

Steve Hammond

Steven has over 15 years’ experience in landscape architecture with a project focus on the public domain that ranges from strategic to detailed design, documentation and realisation.

  • Principal

Jenna Keyes

Jenna is a Principal in the Sydney Studio. She is a passionate, innovative and talented urban designer with approximately 12 years’ industry experience.

  • Associate Director

Filae Gil

Filae is a key member of the group’s design leadership team bringing extensive international and local design experience ranging from large public buildings, sports, and stadia to community spaces such as civic, sport and leisure.

  • Associate Director

Felicity Ratcliffe

Felicity is an Associate Director and has extensive experience in the landscape architecture profession in both the private and public sectors.

  • Associate Director

Anika Hoffman

Anika is an Associate Director at GSA. She has experience working on a variety of project types both locally and internationally.

  • Associate Director

Nathan Mundy

Nathan is an experienced Landscape Architect with a background working across a variety project types, from medium density & greenfield developments through to Infrastructure in both Road and Rail.

  • Associate

Izabella McFadden

As an Associate, Izabella has a depth of architectural knowledge, supported by a strong skillset in drafting, design, coordination and […]

  • Associate

Federico Zanet

Federico is a talented Associate Landscape Architect. He has worked with both public and private clients across parks and environment, urban places and communities locally, around Australia and internationally.

  • Associate

Natalie McEvoy

Natalie is an Associate at GroupGSA and an experienced Landscape Architect with a background in environmental science.

  • Associate

Holly Riddington

Holly is Associate in Sydney’s Urban Design team. Accompanying her Masters in Urban Design, Holly has key experience spanning a wide range of urban renewal, education, residential and research based projects.

  • Associate

Liam Isaksen

Liam believes that Landscape Architecture is about connection. Connection to Country, community & the surrounding ecosystems. It’s about revitalising a place whilst meaningfully knitting it into the fabric of the existing landscape and creating sustainable solutions.

  • Senior Urban Designer

Cloris Wang

Cloris is an enthusiastic senior urban designer with a passion for improving liveability in cities. She believes in designing desirable, climate resilient, green and engaging place for everyone.

  • Landscape Architect

Zhipeng Cai

Zhi is an experienced Associate Landscape Architect with a background working in both the academic and practice sides of landscape […]

  • Landscape Architect

Hong Zhang

Hong is an experienced Landscape Architect with a diverse range of project experience within landscape master planning, public open spaces, […]

  • Senior Landscape Architect

Rita Fernandes

Rita is an experienced Landscape Architect with diverse experience across urban master planning and urban design, residential planning, street scapes, […]

  • Graduate Urban Designer

Daniel Driscoll

Daniel is a Graduate Urban Designer who actively contributes to project content delivery and innovative design thinking. Since graduating from […]

  • Graduate Architect

Bridget McNab

Bridget is a graduate architect, currently studying her Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. She completed her Bachelor […]


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Retail banking is a highly competitive sector, that needs to respond dynamically to customer expectations, digital automation, economic pressures, agile competitors, and a physical location on the high street.

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Embracing cycling does more than ease congestion.

23.06.2021 Steve Hammond

The Urban Food Bowl

The re-localisation of food production through urban farming provides an opportunity to access food which is produced and distributed in a district level – as a form of domestic urban food security.

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